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Snorkeling masks 2019 – SEAC Unica

Full-face snorkel masks are available in all shapes and sizes. This is what the DuikeninBeeld testing team thought about the SEAC Unica mask.

Click here to see the complete test including explanation.

The snorkel of the Seac Unica snorkel mask is easy to attach, much easier than it is with its “little brother” Libera. Detaching the snorkel takes some dexterity, otherwise it’s impossible.

The 2019 version of the Unica is truly an improvement over the old Unica model that we tested in 2018. The snorkel mask has a nice breathing circuit system that allows the inhaled air to enter via the snorkel and leave via the section around the eyes. You then suck the air into your mouth through the valves in the orinasal pocket. The exhaled air travels via the edge of the mask to the vents at the top.

The Unica’s field of vision is large, the elastic straps are flexible, the silicone edge that fits to the face is somewhat stiff, but the entire mask is comfortable despite this.

The field of vision is good during swimming and the mask forms a good seal. There was no leakage and the breathing comfort is excellent. During exhalation, you can hear the sound of the exhaled bubbles; unlike many other masks, the air comes in at the top of this mask which creates this noise.

As a whole, it’s a comfortable mask that works well, but the sound made during exhalation can be distracting for the wearer.

GoPro mount: Optional
Prescription glasses: Optional
Communication: Optional
Spare parts: No
Packaging: Bag
Instructions: Yes
Sizes: XS, S/M, M/L and L/XL

The snorkel masks were tested by a team of divers, material experts and non-divers. What our testers felt was a good or bad mask may of course differ from your experience with the same product.

If you plan to buy a snorkel mask, try it on first and better yet, try it before you buy it.

Happy snorkeling!

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