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Snorkeling masks 2019 – Atlantis 3.0 Stealth

Full-face snorkel masks are available in all shapes and sizes. This is what the DuikeninBeeld testing team thought about the Atlantis 3.0 Stealth mask.

Click here for the complete test including explanation.

This full-face snorkel mask really stands out, and the mat finish gives it a rugged look.

The snorkel is easy to attach. Rather than forming a seal with just one O-ring, the mask uses a broad rubber band with ridges – this is less fragile and stays firmly in place when the snorkel is attached.

The straps are easy to tighten when you put it on, and the mask forms a good seal. The silicone edge that forms to the face is not super-soft but it’s comfortable and the fit is good. The black silicone reduces the amount of light coming in at the edge. The field of vision is noticeably large out of the water, partly because of the convex pane.

The mask fogged up with a few of the testers, whereas it didn’t with others. This is caused by the seal formed at the orinasal pocket – this is dependent on the shape of the wearer’s face, so definitely try it on before you buy it!

The convex pane is less convenient underwater. The curve of the glass creates the appearance of a spherical view, the sea floor seems closer than it is and it’s hard to get a sharp view. It’s almost like looking through eyeglasses with the wrong prescription, so it’s hard on the eyes.

The rugged look and the incredibly large field of vision get high scores, but the view underwater takes precedence – we don’t recommend it.

GoPro mount: Yes
Prescription glasses: No
Spare parts: Valve and O-ring, waterproof bag for telephone
Packaging: Plastic box
Instructions: Yes, but possibly for a different mask
Sizes: S/M and L/XL
Size marked inside mask: Yes

The snorkel masks were tested by a team of divers, material experts and non-divers. What our testers felt was a good or bad mask may of course differ from your experience with the same product.

If you plan to buy a snorkel mask, try it on first and better yet, try it before you buy it.

Happy snorkeling!

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