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Snorkeling masks 2019 – Rucanor

Full-face snorkel masks are available in all shapes and sizes. This is what the DuikeninBeeld testing team thought about the Rucanor mask.

Click here to see the complete test including explanation.

Oh no! The words “Diving Full Face Mask” are displayed in large letters on the packaging of the Rucanor mask. Wrong! In spite of the expectation this creates, you cannot scuba dive wearing this type of mask. Fortunately, the instructions clearly state that the mask is only intended for snorkeling, but by the time you read this, you’ve probably already bought the mask.

We had trouble attaching the snorkel to the mask since there is no click system or lock, but we ultimately managed.
There was a loose membrane in our test mask…After putting the mask on, the area around the edges was somewhat uncomfortable but once it’s on, it fits well and breathing is easy. The pane does fog up slightly.

Once underwater however, we discovered a huge problem with the mask – it constantly fills up with water! We couldn’t see what was causing the problem, whether it was the membrane or purge valve or something else, but it was impossible to snorkel wearing this mask. Given these shortcomings, we don’t recommend this Rucanor snorkel mask.

GoPro mount: Standard
Prescription glasses: No
Spare parts: Standard
Packaging: Bag
Instructions: Yes, in English
Sizes: S/M and L/XL
Size marked inside mask: Yes

The snorkel masks were tested by a team of divers, material experts and non-divers. What our testers felt was a good or bad mask may of course differ from your experience with the same product.

If you plan to buy a snorkel mask, try it on first and better yet, try it before you buy it.

Happy snorkeling!

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