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Snorkeling masks 2019 – Aquatics

Full-face snorkel masks are available in all shapes and sizes. This is what the DuikeninBeeld testing team thought about the Aquatics mask.

Click here for the complete test including explanation.

Attaching the snorkel to the Aquatics snorkel mask requires concentration.  The O-ring isn’t very flexible and can end up in the wrong position, preventing it from forming a good seal. With a bit of patience and skill, it can be adjusted to keep the snorkel in place. Unfortunately, this also means that it can be difficult to detach again.

The fit is good and it has a large field of vision. The silicone is slightly stiffer than some of the other snorkel masks, but the wearing comfort is good and the elastic straps are easy to adjust. We found the mask was hard to easily breathe through at the surface, and the lowest valve vibrated during breathing.
Even under water, our testers weren’t satisfied with the breathing comfort. Breathing required an effort even when we swam very slow. The minute we started swimming faster, breathing required a lot of effort and was real work.

This snorkel mask’s facial seal was watertight and the field of vision was also good underwater. The pane doesn’t fog up. The purge valve works well – the water drains quickly via the valve at the bottom.

The purge valve for the exhaled air is next to the ears on this snorkel mask, which causes air bubbles forming near the ears to make a lot of noise with every exhalation.

Considering the effort required to exhale and the noise created during exhalation, we don’t really recommend the Aquatics product.

GoPro mount: No
Prescription glasses: No
Ear plugs: Yes
Spare parts: Yes, O-ring
Packaging: Bag
Instructions: Yes
Sizes: S/M, L/XL


The snorkel masks were tested by a team of divers, material experts and non-divers. What our testers felt was a good or bad mask may of course differ from your experience with the same product.

If you plan to buy a snorkel mask, try it on first and better yet, try it before you buy it.

Happy snorkeling!

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