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Snorkeling mask test: Penovo Seaview 180 Blue

DuikeninBeeld tested a series of snorkeling masks. These are the results for the Penovo Seaview 180 Blue mask.

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First impressions and usage
The Penovo Seaview 180 Blue L/XL mask has a collapsible snorkel and a very large blue silicone edge. The click snorkel works, but the fastening mechanism looks fragile and clicks onto the silicone edge of the mask, not an o-ring. This makes it even more susceptible to leaks.
Putting the mask on isn’t entirely painless because of the hard edges, but the elastic straps are easy to adjust. The nosepiece puts a lot of pressure on the nose above the surface – it would seem that the mask was made more for the Asian rather than the European market.

Sometimes the mask fogs up during snorkeling and at other times, it doesn’t. The water pressure causes the mask to press hard on your face which is not very comfortable. The width of the blue silicone edge results in a very small and blue field of vision. The mask creates a good seal during snorkeling and doing surface dives, but it tends to leak slightly during underwater swimming.

Score for important features – 1-5, with 1 being poor and 5 good


Attaching/detaching snorkel: 3
Comfort while putting mask on and removing it: 2
Comfort while wearing mask: 2
Ease of breathing: 1
Fogging: Yes and no
Clear, good vision: No, a lot of blue
Field of vision: Small
Dry top: 3
Extras: GoPro mount

Mediocre mask; not recommended. Doubts about the durability of the snorkel mount.

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We conducted the tests with the utmost care, and the findings represent the testers’ personal opinions. Your experiences with the snorkeling masks may vary.

This list is NOT complete, and there may be other snorkeling masks on the market. No rights may be derived from this test whatsoever.

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