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Snorkeling mask test: Siliber Blue

DuikeninBeeld tested a series of snorkeling masks. These are the results for the Siliber Blue mask,

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First impressions and usage
The Siliber Blue L/XL mask looks and feels like a cheap, plastic toy mask. This turns out to be an accurate assessment when we try to attach the snorkel. During the first attempt, small cracks already appear in the snorkel, and the o-ring designed to create a seal moves around. The second attempt ends up causing a tear in the snorkel. The mask’s silicone straps with their clip fastener make it easy to put on, but the quality of the plastic used in the clip leaves something to be desired, so the question is, how long will it last? The mask fogs up immediately after putting it on.

The mask also fogs up during snorkeling, doing a surface dive and swimming underwater. It also slowly fills up with water and there is a lot of distortion in the field of vision near the nose.

Score for important features – 1-5, with 1 being poor and 5 good


Attaching/detaching snorkel: 1
Comfort while putting mask on and removing it: 2
Comfort while wearing mask: 2
Ease of breathing: 3
Fogging: Yes
Clear, good vision: No
Field of vision: Large
Dry top: 2
Extras: GoPro mount

The quality of this mask is poor and is, at best, only suitable for use as a toy. If you would like to go snorkeling, we strongly recommend choosing another mask.
It might make a great mask to wear to a costume party though.

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We conducted the tests with the utmost care, and the findings represent the testers’ personal opinions. Your experiences with the snorkeling masks may vary.

This list is NOT complete, and there may be other snorkeling masks on the market. No rights may be derived from this test whatsoever.

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