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Snorkeling masks 2019 – Freebreath

Full-face snorkel masks are available in all shapes and sizes. This is what the DuikeninBeeld testing team thought about the Freebreath mask.

Click here for the complete test including explanation.

Attaching the snorkel requires a lot of strength. Because of the force we had to apply, the O-ring designed to seal the snorkel lost its shape. We used some of the photographer’s O-ring grease to lubricate the O-ring. It took a lot of work to put the mask together the way it was intended. This is certainly not ideal if you’re sitting on a hot beach, anxious to get in the water to snorkel.

The strap system is good. The mask is reasonably comfortable at the surface, and the view was pretty good. The mask only fogs up where it should – inside the orinasal pocket.

The mask does however fog up underwater, outside of the orinasal pocket. The purge valve doesn’t work very well either.  Even less encouraging is the fact that several of our testers noticed that the mask kept leaking on the right side during snorkeling. This mask was far from our favorite.

Incidentally, we discovered that this mask is sold under a few different brand names.

GoPro mount: Optional
Prescription glasses: No
Spare parts: Standard
Packaging: Net bag
Instructions: Yes, clear
Sizes: S/M and L/XL
Size marked inside mask: Yes

The snorkel masks were tested by a team of divers, material experts and non-divers. What our testers felt was a good or bad mask may of course differ from your experience with the same product.

If you plan to buy a snorkel mask, try it on first and better yet, try it before you buy it.

Happy snorkeling!

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