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UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition 2022 – Coastal Communities

De winnaars van de UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition zijn bekend. Dit zijn de winnende foto’s in de categorie Coastal Communities.

Foto: Supachai Veerayutthanon -


Fotograaf: Supachai  Veerayutthanon, Thailand

Locatie: Thailand

Bajau, for many generations, from birth to death, from young to old, they spend their entire lives on their boats. They are not citizens of any state. The sea is their birthplace and their only home on earth.

Foto: Amitava Chandra -

Tweede plaats

Fotograaf: Amitava Chandra, India

Locatie: Frazuregunge, India

A couple are having a family discussion after lunch at their thatched dwelling place. They belong to a fishing community that ventures out to the high seas to earn their livelihood. Nights are spent at sea to catch, and the natural sunlight during the day is used to contribute to the process of fish drying. Their lives circumnavigate on and around the ocean and they are totally dependent to gain a sustainable living in this difficult geographical area.

Foto: Celia Kujala -

Derde plaats

Fotograaf: Celia Kujala, Verenigde Staten

Locatie: Puerto Rawson, Argentinië


In Puerto Rawson, Argentina, the Chubut River enters the Atlantic Ocean. The fishing boats line the northern bank of the river ready to go out each day. Across from them on the southern bank lives a colony of South American sea lions. Though they might sometimes eat scraps from the fishermen and catch fish in the river, they also go out into the ocean to hunt. However, for now evening is coming and it is time for all to rest.

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