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Snorkeling mask test: Neopine

DuikeninBeeld tested a series of snorkeling masks. These are the results for the Neopine mask.

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First impressions and usage
Although the Neopine Black Red XL snorkel is easy to attach, detaching it is considerably harder to do. The mask is easy to put on and adjust. The fit is good and the mask is very comfortable, and breathing through the snorkel is easy. Completely round, this mask’s field of vision out of water is incredibly large. We are very enthusiastic about the above-water part of the test for this mask; it looks good, fits well and has a large field of vision. However…

The mask gets partially fogged up during snorkeling, doing a surface dive or swimming underwater, but the really strange thing is the effect of the mask’s curvature.  The rounded curve literally makes you dizzy; like you’ve taken a hallucinogenic drug. And while snorkeling can give you a natural high, this is taking things way too far. It also leaks, but this doesn’t even matter since you all you want to do is take the mask off as soon as you can because of the curvature. We can’t imagine the manufacturer ever even tried this mask out underwater; this curve effect is that bad.

Incidentally, this mask is sold under a few different brand names.

Score for important features – 1-5, with 1 being poor and 5 good

Attaching/detaching snorkel: 3
Comfort while putting mask on and removing it: 5
Comfort while wearing mask: 4
Ease of breathing: 5
Fogging: Yes
Clear, good vision: No
Field of vision: Large and bizarre
Dry top: 3
Extras: GoPro mount

Great mask to use at the surface. We don’t recommend looking through this mask underwater unless you are looking for an old-school, psychedelic type of experience.

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We conducted the tests with the utmost care, and the findings represent the testers’ personal opinions. Your experiences with the snorkeling masks may vary.

This list is NOT complete, and there may be other snorkeling masks on the market. No rights may be derived from this test whatsoever.

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