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UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition 2021 – Digital Ocean Photo Art

De winnaars van de UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition zijn bekend. Dit zijn de winnende foto’s in de categorie Digital Ocean Photo Art.


Fotograaf: Francisco Sedano, Spanje

Locatie: Middellandse Zee

In the famous Disney movie Aladdin, the Cave of Wonders is a hidden cavern filled with all sort of riches and magical artifacts that are guarded by a lion’s head. This work is similar, but the cave is guarded by a moray eel and filled with precious species. The capacity of underwater caves to harbor rich communities has granted them an important status as biodiversity reservoirs. This has been recognized by the European Union, which considers marine caves as priority habitats requiring protection. The work is a composite of three images that were taken in the Mediterranean Sea.

Tweede plaats

Fotograaf: Brett Stanley, Australië

Concept/Model: Christine Ren

Locatie: San Francisco, USA

A conceptual look at the blindness consumers have when it comes to plastics, and their effect on the oceans—blindly buying goods and wish-cycling them in the hopes of allaying their own guilt.

Derde plaats

Fotograaf: Renata Romeo, Italië

Locatie: Shark Reef, Ras Mohammad National Park, Egypte

The model’s passion and love for the sea are rendered through the integration of different photographic components and chromatic contrasts blended with the water element. The image features anthias (Pseudanthias squamipinnis), soft coral (Dendronephthya spp), and organ pipe coral (Tubipora musica).

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