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UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition 2021 – Above Water Seascapes

De winnaars van de UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition zijn bekend. Dit zijn de winnende foto’s in de categorie Above Water Seascapes.


Fotograaf: Pawel Zygmunt, Poland

Locatie: Kallur, Kalsoy Island, Faroe-eilanden

Visiting epic Kallur cliff on Kalsoy Island is always a great experience. This time, I had a bit of snow on the hills and the weather was very challenging. On the way up, I was bombed by a hailstorm and pushed around by the strong wind. I was lucky to get to the lighthouse on time and hide behind it. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fully experience this place but the wind dropped a bit and I was more or less safe. I took a few shots from the usual spots and then flew my drone, which wasn’t easy in the wind and to be honest a bit risky. I managed to capture Kalsoy Island from a slightly different perspective. In the background are the islands of Kunoy and Vidoy.

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Fotograaf: Christophe Mason-Parker, UK

Locatie: Aldabra-atol, Seychellen

An aerial view of Passe Dubois, bisecting the islets of Ilot Emili and Ilot Yangue, part of the west channels of the Aldabra Atoll. The channel is one of many that combine to fill and drain the vast lagoon of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Seychelles.

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Fotograaf: Rafael Fernandez Caballero, Spain

Locatie: Cerralvo Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico

An aerial picture of a blue whale, the biggest animal that has ever existed, taken close to Cerralvo Island in Baja California Sur, Mexico. We were sailing in the open sea when we saw a whale far away. The sea was flat and the conditions were perfect. When we realized that it was a blue whale everyone on the boat was really excited. It was amazing to share a long period with the huge animal, which was completely at ease that day.

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Fotograaf: Matthew Meier, USA

Locatie: La Jolla, California, USA

A California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) pup scratches its chin with its rear flipper while basking in the early morning sunlight. The pup was warming up on the rocky shoreline after a recent swim in the cold water, as waves from the Pacific Ocean crashed in the background.

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