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Snorkeling mask test: Olyspeed Alien

DuikeninBeeld tested a series of snorkeling masks. These are the results for the Olyspeed Alien model mask.

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First impressions and usage
The Olyspeed Alien 007 mask looks like a strange gadget from a James Bond movie – in that respect, the mask lives up to its name. Attaching the snorkel is not easy at all. The tip in the instruction manual to keep the snorkel in warm water before attaching it is also not very practical. After all, who has access to warm water when they’re about to go snorkeling?

Another strange feature of the mask is that you can’t breathe through your nose; you have to breathe through your mouth with this mask like you do with regular snorkeling equipment. This is where it really differs from the other masks. However, it is not clear which position you should keep your mouth in: there is an opening for your mouth, but it’s hard to get your lips around it or in it.

It’s easy to put it on and it stays in place pretty well, but (!!!) no air comes through the snorkel (!!!). The only way to get air is to hold the snorkel top open, and this is just at the surface where you should be able to breathe normally when you snorkel. Not being able to breathe is extremely dangerous! Additionally, aside from having to hold the snorkel top open, it’s also not easy to keep the pre-formed mouthpiece in your mouth.

In spite of all this, we tested the mask holding the snorkel top open manually. The test showed that the mask doesn’t create a good seal during snorkeling, doing a surface dive or while swimming underwater. The field of vision is very small and the mask also fogs up.

Score for important features – 1-5, with 1 being poor and 5 good


Attaching/detaching snorkel: 2
Comfort while putting mask on and removing it: 3
Comfort while wearing mask: 2
Ease of breathing: 1
Fogging: Yes
Clear, good vision: No
Field of vision: Small
Dry top: No
Extras: Comes with one extra snorkel (which doesn’t let any air in either…)

Fun gadget to hang on the wall, but incredibly dangerous to use for snorkeling.

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We conducted the tests with the utmost care, and the findings represent the testers’ personal opinions. Your experiences with the snorkeling masks may vary.

This list is NOT complete, and there may be other snorkeling masks on the market. No rights may be derived from this test whatsoever.

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