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Snorkeling mask test: HEAD Sport

DuikeninBeeld tested a series of snorkeling masks. These are the results for the Head Sport mask..

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First impressions and usage
The Head Sport S/M and L/XL mask looks and feels like a high-quality product. Attaching and detaching the snorkel is easy, and it clicks firmly into place. You do have to pay close attention to make sure you are doing it the right way.
The straps are made from silicone and this is obvious when you put the mask on. The straps don’t really slide and you have to use a bit of force to tighten them properly. Thanks to the mask’s narrow fit, it forms a good seal with most face shapes, though is not as suitable for people with wider faces.

The silicone edge feels somewhat stiff, but this isn’t distracting when you wear it.
The clear size indication on the side of the mask is a nice bonus; no danger of choosing the wrong size.

During snorkeling, doing a surface dive or swimming underwater, the mask only fogs up where this is acceptable (at the orinasal pocket), and not in your field of vision, so this is a plus. The mask creates a good seal with your face, preventing any leaking. The snorkel supplies a lot of air fairly easily. The field of vision is large, and even seems a bit better underwater than it does at the surface.

Score for important features – 1-5, with 1 being poor and 5 good

Attaching/detaching snorkel: 4
Comfort while putting mask on and removing it: 3
Comfort while wearing mask: 4
Ease of breathing: 4
Fogging: No
Clear, good vision: Yes
Field of vision: Large
Dry top: 5

Great mask that does exactly what it was designed to do. The only real problem is the silicone straps which aren’t very handy. We find elastic straps more comfortable, such as the ones on most other masks.

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We conducted the tests with the utmost care, and the findings represent the testers’ personal opinions. Your experiences with the snorkeling masks may vary.

This list is NOT complete, and there may be other snorkeling masks on the market. No rights may be derived from this test whatsoever.

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